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The Website Design & Development Process

The process of developing your website is divided into 4 stages:

Stage 1 — Discussion, Estimate Proposal & Invoice for 50%

Stage 2 — Design & Invoice for 25%

Stage 3 — Development & Invoice for final 25%

Stage 4 — Handing Over Control of Your Site At the End of The Project

Once your website is completed and you have paid the full balance due and indicated that you are satisfied, we will hand over control of your new site to you. This means:

  • giving you your login details so that you can access the editing features of your site;
  • teaching you how to make changes to your site so that you don’t need to rely on me anymore;
  • possibly purchasing some training and support time, if you wish.
Why Do We Do It This Way?

The fee for each stage of work is payable in advance. It acts as a retainer, and is refundable if you are not satisfied. You only pay for the next stage when you are satisfied with the previous stage, and then the retainer on the previous stage is no longer refundable.

Our payment policy is designed to ensure:

  • your monetary risk remains low;
  • we get paid for work that we have completed to your satisfaction.

Your Role in the Process

The process of designing and developing your website is not just a project for us — it’s a project for you, too! Things you need to be prepared to do in a timely manner in order for the process to run smoothly and efficiently:

  1. approve each stage in the process by paying your retainer fee for the next stage;
  2. consider our suggestions — we are making them for a reason;
  3. respond to emails and telephone messages;
  4. provide as required:
  • pertinent feedback
  • text for the site — page text, and product descriptions if you have e-commerce (we do some minor editing, but we cannot write it for you)
  • any documents for download from your site ready to upload in .pdf or .doc format
  • images (and product images for e-commerce) for your site
  • videos for your site
  • logo or other branding materials
  • log in credentials for your domain or other accounts
  • other things that come up as the process moves along

It can take more time than you think to gather up all the details for your website. A little advance planning and some dedicated effort on your part will make the whole experience much faster and easier.

When will your site be done?

The length of time it will take to complete your site depends on a combination of factors:

  • how complex it is
  • how dedicated you are to providing feedback and information for your site in a timely manner
  • how quickly you approve one stage of development and pay the retainer for the next stage

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