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SEO — Search Engine Optimization

We are very honest about our SEO service. It’s not like you see on the Internet… companies promising you the best positions in the first pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing very quickly. If your website has little competition and is optimized for keywords that nobody is using chances are that you will get a good position on Google’s search results but that will not necessarily help attract new business for your company.
We do not use any trick to give your website a good ranking for irrelevant keywords. What we do is to find the best keywords that will bring visitors who are actually looking for the products and services you offer. The effort required depends on the competition that you probably already have on the Internet. We put a lot of effort and research to identify the keywords that your competitors are using, how many pages they have on the subject, links and many other features that influence the ranking that websites get in the search results pages. If you want your website to appear in a position above your competitors, then your website will have to perform better in all those aspects.
You must be prepared to talk extensively about your products and services and how they can help people that choose your company as opposed to your competitor’s. Our optimization work will pave the way for Google to easily find the relevant content on your website.

But What Is Optimization?

To be exposed in a search result, a website must first be «read» by the search engines robots. Optimizing a website is to follow certain criteria to provide specific information to the robots so that they can classify the website properly.
In addition to optimizing page-by-page for the right keywords, we also offer our customers an analysis of how your competitor’s websites are optimized. Thus we can easily measure the efforts to overcome the competitor in the search result.
After each change and reconfiguration in the pages of the website, we submit the changes to the search engines following the guidelines indicated by those companies to webmasters. Optimization is a constant work and we do it seriously, month, after month after month!

Who Is Your Customer?

Understanding who the target customer is and the type of traffic he or she wants is important for the optimization of the website.
Although we are doing all the technical optimization, the customer must understand the concept of optimization and know the results that can be achieved. For example: To talk about «Nike Shoes», getting 100 hits and make 1 sale is different than talk about «Nike Shox Pompano Beach», getting 10 hits and making 5 sales.
Those looking only for «Nike Shoes» may just be trying to put a picture on a school project… but whoever is searching for «Shoes Nike Shox Pompano Beach» certainly wants to buy that particular product.
Any type of visit is good and we work with our customers so they can understand what is the best type depending on the stage of the project.

No Page Quantity Limitation

We do not set a limit on how many pages should be created in a website project. Rather, we encourage our customers to provide the greatest possible amount of material information about their products and services, including texts, pictures, etc. The abundance of content is the key to a successful website optimization.
We work side by side with every customer in preparing the content. After we define the topics to be discussed on the website, we provide questionnaires to survey data, plus offer tips of advice on how to talk about the company and what it offers.
The final content obtained will represent the company, products and services accurately and can be reused in brochures, newspapers or magazines ads, etc.
The customer involvement in producing content is proportional to how much competition his company faces in the area, that is, the greater the competition, the more should the customer be involved in the project to ensure the expected results.

Website Promotion

To start, let’s forget Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo. You must start using the email address of your own website and include your web address in the signature of each message you send? Also, remember to Include your website address in the header of your invoices, proposals, etc.? Make shared documents, contact and technical forms, marketing material, user guides, technical manuals, etc available on the website.
— Employees use their technical manuals on CDs or DVDs …
— Your customers fill out forms to request services …
— Customers and employees use the company’s price lists … ? In the examples above, the material can be placed on the website in an area restricted to staff or to registered customers. The big advantage is that you do not need to get rid of CDs, DVDs, forms, or price lists printed (paper version) if your products and prices change, because these items are easily updated on the website. So, talking about your website becomes a natural task, as it was transformed into a useful tool of you day-to-day business.

Submission To Directories

We register our customer’s new website in all directories specific to the industry and the location of the company. We also keep these entries always updated (change of address, telephone and fax number, etc.).

Blogs And Forums

In collaboration with our customers, we use the plenty of blogs and forums that exist today on the Internet for the promotion of our customer’s website.

Building Links

The search engines robots, besides detecting the contents of the websites will also detect the website internal and external links.
The amount of links that a website has indicates the authority of the website. It is as if the links were an online word-of-mouth that your company should conquer. Going back to content… if your website has good informational material, it will gain links naturally, because it will become a reference in the Internet. We work with our customer in the creation of this important network of contacts, where not only the quantity but the quality of each link is carefully evaluated.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

If the website has a high competition or if you need to create a temporary promotion (sale, promotion to new customers, etc.) the PPC service can be a good option.
We analyze the benefits that a PPC campaign can bring to the customer and then manage the campaigns considering the keywords used and pages that will gain traffic.
The most common services are PPC Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter. The costs of these paid advertisements are not included in the web design packages we offer. These services work with budget, so the customer can define in advance how much to spend every day with the campaigns.
The customer participation in the project is essential; after all they are the ones who know their business and their field of expertise better than any web design company. As coders, we are experts in using the latest tools to achieve the success that our customer wants with this incredible vehicle called Internet. The partnership between Codeware Solutions and our Customer is going to ensure the project success.

Measuring The Results

We will not work in secret, in fact you already know through this presentation here, the largest part of our plan to transform your website into a success! A specific plan for your industry will also be considered.
Once the website is ready and active, a logging tool is installed and the results can be evaluated periodically. Knowing how many visits the website has, where visitors are coming from and how he or she found your website is very important to measure the results in addition to knowing where we should «turn the boat» if the company’s goals change.

Website Maintenance

The website must be prepared to grow. Besides the initial content, any website must be prepared to grow and offer visitors more information about the company and its products and services. For visitors to find your website, you will need reliable web hosting, and those options can be found here or on our website.
All websites created by Codeware Solutions uses the CMS (Content Management System), where the entire content of the website is stored in the database, enabling rapid inclusion and updates of text, photos and videos!

The Biggest Sales Force Any Company Can Have

Your website should be seen as your best salesperson. One who «speaks» a lot about their products, but understands what your customers are expecting, in addition to working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
If your website is rich in content, it will become a benchmark within your industry, and will also be a reference for new employees. People in your industry will use it as an example when talking about what a website should be in order to truly get the customer to know and buy your products and services.
«My company, products and services have not changed since the last update.» So …

What Else Should I Tell My Customers?

This is a frequent question we hear from our customers. There is a different approach for each industry and we work to provide creative solutions to our customers according to their needs.
Here are some interesting ideas:
— Include in the website any offline marketing materials that the company has already created (newspaper ads, brochures, digital presentations, etc.)
— Encourage your customer to provide testimonials.
— Include in the website any news that has been published on other websites about the company.
— Build up a section of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
— Teach something to the customer. The Internet is an infinite source of tutorials and people certainly browse for HOW-TOs. For example, show your customer how to clean or maintain the product that you provide or give them detailed information about the great service you provide.

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